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Kleen is a digital sales channel, a new way to promote your equipment and speed up traffic flow through your station.
Available in France for the last 2 years, and coming soon in Germany (later this year).

  • Multi-brand: networks, independent stations, franchises
  • All types of washing: high-pressure washers, washing rollers, tunnels, hand washing with or without water
  • 1,000 stations listed in France. Available in Germany later this year (coming soon)
  • Individual and professional connected clients
  • Compatible with payment systems such as EAS, Comestero and Cartadis


By choosing Kleen, you make your washing services more visible and accessible to a large community of connected clients, while remaining in complete control over your pricing!

Increase visibility

Kleen promotes your station on its app and website with a customised station profile.
Your washing services are sold on the Kleen app and its partnering platforms
(Midas Connect, Essence&Co, car manufacturers’ interfaces…).

Boost your turnover

Acquire new clients each month with this new sales channel!
Kleen helps you promote and manage your station.

Optimise customer experience

Speed up traffic flow through your station. With Kleen, you reduce waiting times, thus increasing the amount of washed vehicles as well as client comfort.
Increase customer satisfaction. Remain attentive to clients trough reviews left on your station

Choose Kleen, the turnkey solution to help you digitalise your wash station by offering a new means of payment to your clients.


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