Ready for the connected car wash experience?

You manage an app, a website or an on-board system providing services to drivers?

Enhance your service offer by integrating Kleen, the connected car-wash solution.

You’ll increase the usage rate of your digital interface and offer an innovative service to your users!

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Kleen makes car washing easier for drivers by helping them find and buy their service right from a digital interface.

Digital Experience

Payment and activation of the washing service from a mobile device or digital platform


Various franchises listed, all types of washing (washing rollers, high-pressure washers, tunnels, hand washing)


Negotiated by Kleen with car-wash stations

Washing offers are adapted to both individual and professional users: ease of payment for fleets (usage-based, end-of-month-based), monitoring and consumption reports…

Kleen is available in France since 2016, with 1,000 partnering car-wash stations in France
Germany: coming soon – end of 2018/early 2019


Enhancing your app or your website with a car-washing stack means boosting recurring uses and thus your client fidelity. On average, cars are washed 7 to 10 times a year. You can therefore increase your platform’s usage rate and contact points with your users.

When integrating the Kleen API, we provide you with:

  • Information about washing stations: location, programme, prices
  • A payment and invoicing module
  • Monitoring over the servicing of your vehicle fleets (statistics portal…)

Today, numerous French partners have already integrated Kleen on their digital platform:



Our history

Created in France in 2016, our app Kleen makes car washing easier by connecting drivers and washing stations.
After two years, Kleen already features over 1,000 listed washing stations all across France.

Over 80,000 drivers have already downloaded Kleen on their phone.


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